Sex Therapy

I work with individuals and partners to overcome barriers so they can have the sex lives they deeply desire.

Diversity is welcome! I identify as poly, kink, trans, and LGBTQI2, and sex-worker competent and friendly. Please note that Sex Therapy does not include erotic touch between therapist and client.

Sex therapy can be helpful for: 

  • Mismatched desires + sexual interests

  • Little or no sexuality in the relationship 

  • Lack of orgasm or sexual pleasure

  • “Performance anxiety”

  • Sexual shame + guilt

  • Out-of-control sexual behaviors

  • Learning to thrive sexually after trauma + abuse

  • Pain during sex

  • Erectile + ejaculation issues

  • Sexual identity issues + questioning

  • Gender identity issues + questioning

  • Healing after an affair

  • Conflicts around porn or fetishes, fantasies, and kinks

  • Navigating the complexities of alternative relationship structures (consensual non-monogamy)

  • Creating more intimacy, pleasure, and connection