Relationship Therapy: Creating Thriving Partnerships

Relationships can be incredibly challenging. I’m a big advocate for getting help early on so that you can create a relationship filled with passion, joy, and connection instead of resentment and loneliness. No matter what stage of partnership you’re in, I’d love to support you in creating the relationship your heart longs for. Here are some common reasons people seek my support in relationship/couples therapy:

  • Communication difficulties

  • Repetitive fights, arguments and “negative interaction cycles”

  • Healing after infidelity and betrayal

  • Sexual issues (for more on this, go here)

  • A general feeling of being disconnected, distant and not understanding why or how to change it

  • A desire for a safe, focused space to discuss difficult topics and deepen in connection, understanding and passion

  • Help navigating open relationships

  • Pre-marital support

  • Help navigating life post-baby

  • Help making big relationship decisions

For resources on some of these topics, go here