Psychotherapy for Individuals + Partners

I offer weekly psychotherapy sessions for individuals, partners, and adolescents at my offices in Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco and Pill Hill, Oakland. 

Working with a therapist with whom you connect is a key part of what makes therapy successful. I invite you to contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to see if we might be a good fit. My number is (628) 333-5906. I look forward to hearing from you!

For information about my sex therapy practice:

Just where you are— that’s the place to start.
— Pema Chodron, Dharma Teacher

My Therapeutic Toolbox


My approach is eclectic and draws on a variety of theories and methods including: mindful body-based awareness (somatics), sandtray play, expressive arts therapy, gestalt + psychodynamic therapy, inquiry into thoughts and core beliefs (similar to CBT) and relational therapy. While I may invite you to try out new things in the therapy room, I trust your intuition an respect your decision to engage or not, in any particular activity.

I strive towards cultural sensitivity and invite feedback and education about your particular experience in the world, and with me as your therapist. I hold a transpersonal outlook and see the healing process in a larger, more universal context-- aiming to evoke and expand upon that which is already whole and free within.

Mindfulness + Somatics

In Mindfulness, we drop blow surface awareness, slowing down and bringing attention to what's happening inside- including thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. Mindfulness allows for intimacy with one's inner experience and increase self-awareness and self-compassion. Additionally, from "witness consciousness" (witnessing thoughts, beliefs, sensations and letting them be there without taking any action to make them go away), we can begin to inquire into the function of thoughts and beliefs that neither serve us nor are connected to Reality.  Mindfulness is core to all therapeutic work in that it creates the context for observing and learning about one's inner workings.

The word "somatic" refers to the body and mindful attending to one's physical experience-- sensations, postures, movements, places of tension etc.

Ongoing meditation practices can significantly increase one's capacity for mindfulness. For a simple guided meditation, check out:

Expressive Arts Therapy

The expressive arts (visual art, dance/movement, drama, writing, sandplay) are powerful tools for self-expression and provide rich portals to one's unconscious and imaginal life. Working with the expressive arts can evoke new layers of insight and bring in qualities of play and permission to the therapy process.

Psychodynamic + Gestalt Therapy

With Gestalt, we look at the different parts of one's self- including parts that may have been disowned or split off in order to survive and adapt to one's familial/social environment. The aim of Gestalt therapy is to integrate and gain access to all of one's "parts"- thereby allowing for more joy, empowerment, and fulfillment in one's life. Gestalt therapy often involves here-and-now "experiments" to access and learn about these different aspects of one's self. Psychodynamic therapy includes Gestalt and involves the examination of one's past and how it has impacted one's current experience. 

Relational Therapy

The unique relationship between myself and my clients is at the heart of my work. This live relationship can not only be a consistent source of support, but also often provides a wealth of material for reflection. Working relationally means that I attend to the dynamic, interpersonal process that is happening between myself and my clients.