Transformation through VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy

Accelerate your healing.  Perhaps you've done a lot of therapy, meditation, attended personal growth workshops, and still feel stuck in various aspects of your life. You're clear on what many of your issues are, yet the inner freedom you long for feels out of reach.  Perhaps you're drawn to spiritual awakening but feel as though your conditioning gets in the way of realizing, and living from, this deeper truth. Or maybe you're feeling good about your healing and/or spiritual path and want to accelerate the shifts you're making.    

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy is a powerful energetic healing modality that clears issues at their root-- making greater freedom, joy, ease, and fulfillment available for you to experience. 

Here are some examples of emotional issues that can be treated with VortexHealing:

  • relationships: fears of abandonment, rejection, intimacy, codependency, difficulty trusting others etc.
  • self-esteem: lack of self-confidence, perfectionism, low self-worth, issues around not feeling "enough," shame, etc.
  • mood: anxiety, depression, dramatic fluctuations in mood etc.
  • trauma: emotional, physical and/or sexual
  • money challenges: feeling a pervasive sense of lack/scarcity; survival fears; self-esteem issues that make it difficult to reach your desired income; power/control issues; lack of trust in the Divine to care for you; addictive spending patterns etc.
  • addictions: food, substances, unhealthy relationships, out-of-control behaviors etc.
  • sexual issues: shame, sexual anxieties and fears, guilt, lack of sexual pleasure, inability to connect, out-of-control sexual behaviors etc.
  • pervasive feelings of grief, loss, isolation and/or loneliness
  • chronic anger + resentment or difficulty managing these feelings
  • fears of all sorts
  • creative blocks more

What is VortexHealing®

VortexHealing is an energetic therapy that works directly with Divine consciousness to release issues we hold, creating healing emotionally, mentally and physically.  

Why VortexHealing®?

Emotional Freedom, Mental Health + Well-being

VortexHealing® sessions clear negative, dysfunctional emotional patterns and beliefs and create space for natural freedom and presence.  

Improve the Quality of Your Relationships

VortexHealing® improves relationships by releasing the issues that create relational "drama." Doing so leads to more satisfying ways of relating that are based on true intimacy instead of conditioned responses. For example, working on the issue of abandonment may help a person feel safer and more secure, even without dramatic changes in their partner's behavior.  Additionally, VortexHealing sessions can clear relationship"fields" and "vibrational resistances" between partners, enabling greater ease and openness in relating.  

Awaken Inner Guidance

VortexHealing® sessions can provide guidance and perspective on certain issues, situations and/or relationships in your life that feel "stuck." Also, by clearing conditioning and relaxing the system, we become clearer channels in which to receive internal guidance.  

Improve Physical Health

VortexHealing sessions can be utilized to release underlying emotional issues that may be creating physical dis-ease. Additionally, VortexHealing tools can work directly on the physical body- treating a variety of health conditions and supporting one's movement towards greater physical health. Sessions can also be used as preventative and maintenance medicine- energizing, strengthening and clearing body pathways, chakras and organs and improving the functioning of all bodily systems. Additionally, tools can be used to release tension and trauma from the fascia, speeding up the healing of injuries and providing for greater physical mobility and comfort.

*All evidence of the effectiveness of VortexHealing is anecdotal. I invite you to try it out and see if it works for you. As with any complementary medicine, VortexHealing does not replace the necessity of medical expertise.

Philosophy + How it Works

The paradigm of the VortexHealing® lineage is that all of life is One. It is our emotional issues, our conditioned consciousness, stuck in every aspect of our energy systems, that have us believe that we are separate from Source itself. This conditioned consciousness lives as a multitude of false identities, imprinting every aspect of the human energy system. When we do an "issue-busting" session, we awaken a piece of conditioning that was stuck in separation consciousness. Each healing creates more space from our identity with the "untruth" of our issues and brings us closer to the Truth of our nature--- free and unburdened by habitual ways of experiencing and perceiving ourselves and life. Without this weighty conditioning, we become clear and open to the present moment.

VortexHealing is a comprehensive system that works to clear out most every nook and cranny of our systems- including our chakras, body pathways (meridians, jin shin points, nadis etc.), emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, karmic bodies and so much more. The karmic body holds conditioning from not just this lifetime, but all of our lifetimes-- that's a lot of conditioning!  While VortexHealing sessions create permanent releases in the system, deeper layers of issues (or related issues) may appear after sessions as there is now more space in which to see them. Working on one's issues is similar to the psychoanalytic metaphor of peeling back layers of an onion. As more clarity emerges, so may other issues become more pronounced until they are also addressed.

After a session, I recommend paying attention to the space that has been created in your system. You can do this by observing yourself and noticing if you are reacting in a new way to previously triggering stimuli.  When you become aware of this space, you are better able to dis-identify with your issue(s) and can begin to get a deep and embodied sense that you are not your issue(s). From this place comes the freedom and ability to make more authentic choices-- connecting with yourself, others and the world in a truer, more open way.

A note about skepticism: Unlike many other "spiritual healing" techniques, you do not need to believe in the power of VortexHealing (or the Divine) for it to be effective.  The energy works at a level deeper than the mind and so does not require your mental conviction to be on board. 

Structure of a VortexHealing® Session

The bulk of the session will involve me channeling Divine light and consciousness into your chosen issue to wake it up and release the hook it has on you. This can be done without physical contact (time and space are irrelevant when it comes to working with the energy system and Divine consciousness), making distance sessions effective and possible. Each session will begin with a check-in and end with a short follow-up conversation.  Sessions at a distance happen in the comfort of your own home (or wherever else quiet you would like to be) and include a check-in before and after the session via telephone, FaceTime, or Skype.

Post VortexHealing Session Care & What to Expect

It is a good idea to give yourself space after a session to integrate. Go for a walk, drink lots of water, rest etc. The session may bring your issue(s) up to the surface, enabling you to more deeply see how the issue is impacting your system and your life. If this activation lasts for more than a few days, it may be a good idea to come back to do deeper work on the issue as it is ready to release at a more profound level. After one or more sessions, you should be able to notice the issue having less of an impact on you. For example, when previously you may have gotten angry and defensive about someone criticizing you-- after working on the issue of "criticism" or "defensiveness" you may find yourself having a much less intense reaction to the criticism-- realizing, on a body-level, that this person's criticism is really not about you at all. 

How Many Sessions are Needed?

This depends on what you want to work on and how deeply you wish to clear the issue. After one 60-minute session of working on a deeply-held issue, you might feel like the issue has shifted enough for your satisfaction. Generally, the longer the issue is worked on, the deeper we can get into it and the more release happens. However, to gain clarity on a situation in your life often happens in just one session. Chronic body issues tend to take longer as the conditioning has congealed on the physical body- which is the densest part of our systems. 


Questions? Call me at (628) 333-5906, or book a free 15-minute consultation to inquire about pricing and packages and discover if this work is right for you.